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    AMARO HÀNTAK "Viere Hänte"

    • Format: 0,50 lt.
    • Alcohol content: 25 VOL %
    • Region of origin: Veneto
    • Botanicals: Camomilla, Tiglio, Rabarbaro Alpino, Genziana Maggiore, Ruta, China, Rabarbaro, Carciofo, Assenzio, Arancia, Mandarino, Mallo di Noce
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    DESCRIPTION: for the bittering part, the "historical botanicals" were chosen such as rue, cinchona, rhubarb, artichoke, absinthe, gentian, partly known also by the cimbri in Lessinia and by the priest from Spree for the preparation of his natural remedies.
    He then had to overcome what is the biggest problem of historical bitters we know: the very high percentage of sugars. Hàntak contains "only" 150/160 grams of sugar per liter, compared to 350/400 and sometimes 600 grams of sugar per liter found in the most famous bitters on the market and beyond.
    The difficulty was in being able to keep such a "low" sugar level without abandoning the initial idea of ​​having a product that was bitter at the right point but at the same time delicate, soft and persistent in the mouth.
    Also in this case the solution came from the Italian liqueur history, in particular from the tradition of the amari of southern Italy where there was a great use of citrus fruits. For this reason in Hàntak there are some varieties of citrus fruits including orange and mandarin which, assisted by other historical and territorial botanicals such as chamomile, walnut husk and dandelion, make the final product "sweet" without having to resort to excessive use of sugars.

    TASTING NOTE: it presents itself to the sight of a beautiful reddish brown color, with orange reflections, brilliant even in the chromatic thickness of the liqueur. The nose is full, frank, persistent, not overly powerful but rather delicate, almost warm to the nose. The bitter sensations are supported by an undoubted citrus fragrance. The fragrances of Dandelion, Linden and Gentian are clearly distinguishable, but above all the unmistakable note of Ruta, to close all expectations. When tasted, the taste is full, immediate, persistent, with never excessive warm notes, which in fact, after swallowing, turn into balsamic, almost mentholated notes, which makes the product very balanced.


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