Payment methods

Payment methods

The Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino allows you to make purchases using: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal (3.5% commission).

All orders are subject to our acceptance by an order confirmation and we reserve the right not to accept an order made .

Purchases made at Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. are secure and guaranteed. You can choose among the following forms of payment:

Payment by Advance Bank Transfer

If you have chosen to pay by advance bank transfer on your order form, at the end of the purchase process you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions and all data necessary for the bank transfer.

Bank transfers shall be made out to:

Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino S.r.L. Via Santa Cristina, 15 37011 BARDOLINO (VR) ITALY



IBAN : IT45 Y060 4559 2600 0000 5000 770 BIC-SWIFT : CRBZIT2B095


Please fill in following data in the object of payment (as stated in our order confirmation e-mail):

Order reference number

Date order placed

Name and surname of the person who placed the order


Please note that the products are reserved for you immediately at submission of your order, but they will be shipped only when the total amount of the order will have been credited to the account of Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino S.r.L.


Payment by Credit Card

If you pay your purchases by credit card, at the end of your order's placement the reference bank will authorize the charge of the sole amount concerning the purchase carried out. In case the order is cancelled by the Customer or if Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. doesn't accept the contract, Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. will require the cancellation of the transaction and of the engaged amount. Release times depend only on the banking system and they can reach their expected deadline (24th day from authorization date). Once the transaction is cancelled, Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. shall not be liable for any delay and/or damage arising from the banking system. Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. reserves the right to ask the Customer for other information or copies of documents attesting the possessory title of the credit card used. If the Customer doesn't provide Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. with the above mentioned information and/or copies, Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. reserves the right not to accept to enter into the contract. Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. is not able to get to know personal information on the credit card's holder during the purchasing procedure by credit card: as a matter of fact any information is transferred directly to the protected site of the bank that is managing the transaction. Therefore Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l. shall not be held liable for any possible fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties when paying products purchased on its website.


Secure Payment System SSL We use the secure payment system SSL for all payments by credit card. At confirmation of your order your credit card's data will be coded into encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) information and transferred to a KEY CLIENT for authorization and charge. WE NEVER RECEIVE THE NUMBER of your credit card, but only the authorization of your credit card manager. This is a secure procedure and it guarantees both Buyer (i.e. you) and Merchant (i.e. Oleificio Sociale di Bardolino s.r.l.) fully. The cryptography system SSL ensures that nobody can read any information sent through the Internet.

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Other Countries

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We do not ship alcohol abroad


Payment methods

Advance Bank Transfer
At the end of the purchase procedure you will receive an email with the relative instructions.

Credit cards

Guarantees for the buyer

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