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    • Format: 0,20 lt.
    • Alcohol content: 45 VOL %, 16 VOL. %, 30 VOL. %
    • Producer: Distilleria Marzadro
    • Region of origin: Trentino Alto Adige
    • Packaging: Cofanetto
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    Gift box Amaro Marzadro (20 cl.), Luz Gin (20 cl.), Vermouth Altolago (20 cl.), Bottle and 2 glasses.

    Amaro Marzadro

    DESCRIPTION: amaro Marzadro is inspired by the ancient recipes of traditional Trentino herbs liqueurs. Since the 1950s, Attilio and Sabina Marzadro collected plants and aromatic herbs with which to flavor their spirits on the Monte Baldo massif, 2218 meters above sea level. In the same way even today, after being carefully hand-picked, Alpine Rhubarb, Genziana Maggiore, White Vine, Chamomile, Fennel, Cardo Santo, Galega and the different varieties of Achillee are left to cold macerate for a period ranging from 20 to 30 days. Its red color is given by the Rhubarb which gives the liqueur a bitter and fresh taste at the same time.

    TASTING NOTES: red color, given by Rhubarb, rich and inviting aroma with herbaceous hints, refreshing, bitter and persistent flavor.

    Luz Gin

    Leonardo Veronesi begins the first experiments for the creation of Luz Gin in 2013. After years of experimentation with different botanicals, we have obtained a fresh and aromatic distillate at the same time. Composed of 9 botanicals all from Trentino left to infuse separately and subsequently distilled in a 1000 liter discontinuous alembic still.

    DISTILLATION: discontinuous bain-marie alembic with single passage. The botanicals are infused separately, in fact it is a "distilled gin":

    BOTANICALS: juniper, bay leaf, olive tree, woodruff, rosemary, sage, clary sage, common mint, lemon.

    TASTING NOTES: fresh, soft and aromatic.


    DESCRIPTION: "Altolago" was born from the experience of two neighboring worlds. Madonna delle Vittorie, our winery on Lake Garda, and our distillery located further north. Our Vermouth is a selection of grapes vinified in red and rosé, flavored through a cold processing. Complex but elegant both to be consumed neat and mixed.


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